Digitalisierung – Industry V4.0

Thanks to cutting edge projects with leading companies Volkswagen, Mercedes and more top partner in Germany this howto is about to support leaders also in the automotive industry. Most of the Leading international Brands would give you Introduction and Information when you use the network.


Professional Services from your trusted Business Partner

  • Software Development with experts & engineers
  • System Integration & IT Services, Provisioning
  • Datacenter analytics & service,
  • Distribution & Retail Service
  • Software Process, Security Standards and Recognition, Sensors

Client solutions on- & offshore with 100+ engineers since 2011:

  • embedded systems, medical systems, government & public services information systems
  • Package and Tool development & Maintenance,
  • distributed mobile application development, QA Testing
  • legacy migration from notes to office / sharepoint, Windows 7 upgrade
  • SAP implementation

Presentation the 4.0 Industrial Revolution:

  • Physical, Digital and Biological Experiences, Unsupervised Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Gigabit Networking connecting People & Things
  • BigData and Large Scale Cloud computing power

Digital Landscape

  • API – Ecosystem, New Business Model
  • international standards and models as CMMI, ISO /TS
  • Customer 360 degree experience, DataAnalytic, Collaboration

Service & Offering Portfolio

  • traditional Services
  • Digital Services
  • Product Engineering

University experience

  • training programs
  • professional education
  • Support for master degree

Quality Management System

  • insight based on Jira
  • Dash Board
  • Timesheet
  • Ticket management system


Whats your business Vision for 2020?